Univar Solutions Announces New Distribution Relationship for Dow’s Key Acrylic Emulsion Polymers in the United Kingdom and Ireland

January 24, 2023

Europe, Univar Solutions B.V., a subsidiary of Univar Solutions Inc. (NYSE: UNVR) (“Univar Solutions” or “the Company”), a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, today announced the Company has been named as a distributor for Dow’s (NYSE: DOW) acrylic emulsion polymer products included in the PRIMAL™ and UCAR™ LATEX brand portfolios in the United Kingdom and Ireland. PRIMAL™ and UCAR™ LATEX products are used in construction for improving the properties of cementitious as well as non-cementitious applications.

“Dow and Univar Solutions are global market leaders and together can help deliver business and technical success for construction customers across the globe. Deepening our distribution relationship with Dow provides our customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland with even more vital products to meet their growing needs,” said Chris Fitzgerald, global vice president of Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, & Elastomers (CASE) and Rubber & Plastic Additives at Univar Solutions. “We’ve built a truly premier product portfolio and provide dedicated coatings and construction industry product management, sales, and technical expertise, so manufacturers in the region will be ideally prepared and poised to further accelerate their growth.”

The new distribution relationship expands Univar Solutions’ specialty portfolio for customers in the region who are manufacturing building and construction products such as ceramic tile adhesives, elastomeric roof coatings and External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), fillers, nonwoven products, and architectural coatings. Through a global network of Solution Centers, Univar Solutions consistently provides customers with a comprehensive suite of technical, market trend, and sourcing support for the coatings and construction market, bringing enterprise level scale and capabilities to the end-use formulation.

“We are extremely pleased to expand our global partnership with Univar Solutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland, by adding our acrylic emulsions range developed for construction applications to Dow cellulose ethers, re-dispersible powders, and silicones. Owning a strong local footprint with a dedicated, experienced team, a technical lab and a warehouse, Univar Solutions represents the right channel partner to offer the best level of service to customers in the region,” said Alberto Abate, West & South Europe Sales Director for Dow Construction Chemicals. “With a growing product and service offering relying on strong capabilities, deep industry knowledge and expertise, Dow and Univar Solutions together are well positioned to deliver business and technical success for our customers.”

Learn more about the longtime global relationship between Univar Solutions and Dow.

About Univar Solutions

Univar Solutions (NYSE: UNVR) is a leading global commodity and specialty chemical and ingredient distributor representing a premier portfolio from the world’s leading producers. With the industry’s largest private transportation fleet and technical sales force, unparalleled logistics know-how, deep market and regulatory knowledge, formulation and recipe development, and leading digital tools, the Company is well-positioned to offer tailored solutions and value-added services to a wide range of markets, industries, and applications. While fulfilling its purpose to help keep communities healthy, fed, clean and safe, Univar Solutions is committed to helping customers and suppliers innovate and focus on Growing Together. Learn more at univarsolutions.com.

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