Unleashing Business Potential: How Coupa’s Spendsetter Award Winners are Transforming Business Performance

July 6, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Coupa Software recognizes innovative teams who leverage Business Spend Management (BSM) to drive business transformations and growth.
  • The Spendsetter of the Year award is presented to leaders who look beyond transactions and help their companies fulfill their purpose.
  • Award winners come from diverse industries, demonstrating the wide applicability of effective BSM.
  • Coupa’s BSM platform unifies processes across supply chain, procurement, and finance functions, empowering organizations globally.

About Coupa Software

Founded with a mission to revolutionize Business Spend Management (BSM), Coupa Software is a cloud-based platform that aims to optimize the business spending of organizations worldwide. By integrating processes across supply chain, procurement, and finance functions, Coupa empowers teams to deliver operational value and purpose through their business spend. With a commitment to innovation and transformation, Coupa continues to inspire and equip companies for success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Unraveling the Power of Business Spend Management

The Spendsetter Awards, hosted annually by Coupa, highlights the achievements of the world’s most innovative, inspiring, and impactful BSM teams. Amid growing business expectations for increased productivity, profitability, and sustainability, these teams have risen above the challenge, championing transformation and achieving unprecedented levels of success.

The 2023 Spendsetter of the Year title went to two exceptional leaders who have harnessed the potential of BSM. Jaime Robles, Chief Procurement Officer at Casey’s General Stores, and Martin Fog, Vice President, Corporate Procurement, Processes & Digitalisation at Novo Nordisk, are celebrated for thinking beyond the transaction, driving their teams’ impact, and guiding their companies to fulfill their purpose.

A New Vision for Procurement

Robles, credited for leading a massive digital transformation journey at Casey’s General Stores, said, “We’re improving team workflows and hitting best-in-class levels of performance to achieve our vision of making procurement invisible. We’re making smarter, faster business decisions that drive our growth and success.” This achievement illustrates the crucial role of digitalization in enhancing efficiency and decision-making in procurement processes.

Empowering Company Growth

Martin Fog, on the other hand, emphasizes the value of Coupa in delivering their mission to support company growth at Novo Nordisk. He shared, “Coupa is essential to our digital transformation, making us more efficient, collaborative, and innovative. It enables us to fulfill our purpose of driving change to defeat serious chronic diseases.” The statement reflects the power of BSM in driving growth, enhancing collaboration, and fostering innovation.

Broad-Spectrum Impact of BSM

The Spendsetter Awards also recognized other notable winners in 2023 from diverse sectors such as American Airlines, Kantar, TalkDesk, Portland General Electric, CBRE, Priority Ambulance, Finnair, The Hartford Financial Services Group, ESL Gaming, Cargill, and Syngenta. These organizations have demonstrated the use of BSM to improve financial agility, drive efficiency, promote equality and sustainability, and exemplify agility in action in their respective supply chains.

Mark Riggs, Chief Customer Officer at Coupa, summed up the essence of the award, “Spendsetters are changing the equation at their companies. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries with a new formula for success that not only allows them to deliver better performance but one that accelerates it.”

As these companies continue to harness the power of Coupa’s BSM platform, the global business landscape anticipates a future of even more impactful transformations.

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