Unleashing the Future: How KX Supercharges Real-time Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning on Google Cloud

September 2, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • KX has brought its industry-leading time-series and vector database technology, kdb Insights, to Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • The partnership offers native support for Python, SQL, and real-time processing of time-series and vector data.
  • Customers can expect faster deployment, reduced total cost of ownership, and ease of operation due to Google Cloud’s global reach and robust security.
  • Key quotes reveal enthusiasm for future growth and the transformative potential of real-time analytics.

About KX

KX is on a mission to accelerate data and AI-driven business innovation. Trusted by top investment banks, life sciences companies, and telecommunications giants, KX offers powerful database technologies designed for high-performance data-driven applications. Whether it’s cloud, on-premise, or edge computing, KX’s suite of products, including kdb Insights, enable businesses to make faster and more effective decisions.

Expanding the Horizon: KX’s Landmark Partnership with Google Cloud

KX’s recent announcement marks a significant milestone in its partnership with Google Cloud. The native availability of kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise on Google Cloud Marketplace has come as a game-changer. Now businesses can harness the combined power of KX’s real-time analytics and Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure to unlock unprecedented scalability and efficiency.

Jonny Press, CTO at Data Intellect, underscores the transformative potential: “There’s rapidly growing demand for real-time analytics and vector processing in the cloud, as customers look to take advantage of the transformational opportunities being afforded by AI.”

A Symphony of Capabilities: Python, SQL, and Real-Time Analytics

One of the most compelling aspects of the KX-Google Cloud collaboration is the seamless integration of various programming languages and database capabilities. Native support for Python and SQL means data scientists, engineers, and application developers can collaborate more efficiently, harnessing real-time, historical, and vector embeddings for smarter, faster business decisions.

Ashok Reddy, CEO of KX, highlights the symbiotic relationship: “Combining our real-time analytics and our vector database with the elasticity and scalability of Google Cloud infrastructure will help enterprises rapidly accelerate their journey towards more real-time and effective business decision-making.”

The Google Cloud Advantage: Speed, Scale, Security

Google Cloud’s architecture offers businesses unparalleled speed, scale, and security. The collaboration ensures that customers will enjoy faster deployment and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Dai Vu, Managing Director of Cloud Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud, says, “We’re happy to welcome KX’s solution to Google Cloud Marketplace to help customers across a range of industries to better derive insights and improve business outcomes.”

Data Management Like Never Before: Enriching Data Warehouses and Lakehouses

Data is the new oil, and businesses are constantly looking for ways to refine it for insights. KX’s database solutions enrich traditional data warehouses and lakehouses, offering a real-time view of business operations. The partnership integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud’s capabilities to migrate, build, and optimize applications across hybrid environments, providing an unrivaled choice in data management.

Future Prospects: AI, Vector Search, and Generative AI Workloads

Looking ahead, the alliance between KX and Google Cloud has the potential to redefine what’s possible in the fields of data analytics, vector search, and generative AI. “We look forward to developing our partnership with Google Cloud, allowing customers to accelerate their data analytics, vector search, and generative AI workloads,” says Ashok Reddy.

The KX-Google Cloud partnership is more than just a merging of technologies; it’s a blueprint for the future of real-time analytics and machine learning. Businesses now have the tools they need to make smarter, faster decisions, leveraging the best of both worlds.

For those interested in taking this groundbreaking technology for a spin, kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise are available on Google Cloud Marketplace now. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this technological revolution.

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