Uphold and Burnley FC: A Partnership Destined for Victory

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Uphold, a leading Web3 financial platform, has entered into a partnership with English Premier League’s Burnley Football Club.
  • The alliance sees Uphold become the club’s Official Sleeve Partner for the 2023/24 season.
  • As an extension of this commitment, Uphold will also become an Official Partner of Burnley FC Women.
  • The deal offers mutually beneficial exposure, tapping into the respective large and diverse audiences of both organizations.

About Uphold

Ranked number one in the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100 List, Uphold is a financial powerhouse in the Web3 domain. It serves more than 10 million customers across 140 countries, offering an intuitive platform for digital assets, traditional currencies, and precious metals. With the mantra of making Web3 easy, Uphold never loans out customer assets and maintains a 100% reserve. Its “Anything to Anything” interface and commitment to transparency set it apart in an industry often criticized for opacity.

Official Sleeve Partner: A New Age in Sports Sponsorship

Uphold’s decision to become the Official Sleeve Partner of Burnley FC is a fascinating intertwining of technology and sports. The company’s logo was prominently displayed on the Clarets’ shirts during a recent match against Aston Villa. In addition, Uphold’s branding will be visible on LED signage at Burnley’s home ground, Turf Moor, throughout the season.

Simon McLoughlin, Uphold CEO, shared his excitement: “We couldn’t be more proud to stand beside Burnley FC as they march back into the Premier League. The Clarets embody grit and determination – climbing back up the ranks with 101 points accrued last season alongside a 22-game unbeaten run. That’s the kind of spirit we at Uphold love… Vincent Kompany at the helm just adds another layer of excitement to this partnership.”

Uphold and Burnley FC Women: Supporting Equality and Empowerment

Uphold isn’t limiting its engagement to men’s football. The financial platform is also becoming an Official Partner of Burnley FC Women, thereby broadening the scope of its influence and underscoring a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This dual engagement enriches the company’s corporate social responsibility profile and emphasizes the development of women’s football in the Northwest region.

Stuart Hunt, Burnley FC President, was also enthusiastic: “There’s ample potential for the partnership and I’m delighted Uphold will become an Official Partner of our women’s team too – a key area of growth for us. We look forward to working together and introducing their brand to our supporters.”

Uphold Card: A Conduit Between Digital Assets and Everyday Life

One of Uphold’s key offerings is the Uphold Card, which allows users to spend any asset they hold — from Bitcoin to traditional currencies — anywhere in the world. The card comes in both physical and virtual forms, and offers numerous benefits, including zero foreign transaction fees, low FX rates, and up to 4% cashback on every purchase. This makes it a valuable tool for fans who may be introduced to the brand through the Burnley FC partnership.

A Win-Win Situation: Mutual Exposure and Market Penetration

Both Uphold and Burnley FC stand to gain considerably from this partnership. Uphold gains access to the football club’s expansive fan base, many of whom are likely to be intrigued by the easy-to-use Web3 financial services platform. On the flip side, Burnley can engage with Uphold’s millions of global users, broadening its own brand awareness.

“Your capital at Risk,” a disclaimer often associated with crypto assets, seems less foreboding when backed by a partnership between two organizations that both know what it means to build from the ground up, and to do so with integrity and vision.

Conclusion: The Future Looks Bright

This Uphold and Burnley FC partnership brings together two entities that are giants in their respective fields. It signifies a meeting point for innovation and tradition, the digital and the physical, sport and finance. What remains to be seen is just how much “magic” this partnership will manifest in the coming season. One thing is clear, however: both parties are well-positioned to score goals, both on and off the field.

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