UST Attains Certified Agile Organization™ Status: Elevating Digital Transformation with Innovation and Agility

August 26, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • UST, a prominent digital transformation solutions company, secures the esteemed Certified Agile Organization™ status from the Business Agility Institute (BAI).
  • This recognition highlights UST’s commitment to agility, innovation, and client-focused services, positioning the company among the elite in professional services organizations.
  • UST’s dedication to embracing agility at all levels, adapting to evolving market needs, fostering innovation, and maintaining a clear strategic vision contributes to its achievement.
  • With this certification, UST solidifies its position as a global digital transformation leader, attracting top talent and equipping itself to navigate complex challenges.

Enriching Agility: UST’s Certified Agile Organization™ Triumph

LONDON, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UST, a frontrunner in the realm of digital transformation solutions, proudly announces its attainment of an impressive agility rating, certified by the esteemed Business Agility Institute (BAI). This prestigious acknowledgment bestows upon UST the title of Certified Agile Organization™, placing the company in an elite league of top-performing professional services entities that have achieved this notable distinction.

The Business Agility Institute’s meticulous evaluation process encapsulates various facets of business agility, encompassing elements such as an agile mindset and culture, autonomy, diversity and inclusion, professional development, psychological safety, global vision, client-centric services, and the efficacy of business operations and quality. UST’s triumphant journey towards becoming a Certified Agile Organization™ can be attributed to several key factors that have propelled the company to this pinnacle:

1. Dedication to Agility

UST’s unwavering commitment to agility spans from its executive leadership to the frontlines of its workforce. This culture of agility permeates the organization, enabling UST to respond rapidly to changes, remain adaptable, and champion innovation.

2. Client-Focused Services

In an ever-evolving business landscape, UST stands out for its capacity to tailor its services to meet unique client needs and accommodate shifting market demands. This adaptability has been integral in positioning the company as a client-focused, solutions-oriented partner.

3. Innovation and Continuous Improvement

UST’s proactive approach to fostering innovation and encouraging continuous improvement initiatives has been pivotal in its journey towards agility. By promoting a culture of innovation, UST has harnessed the collective creativity of its workforce to drive transformative outcomes.

4. Corporate Agility Teams

The strategic implementation of corporate agility teams has played a crucial role in bolstering UST’s agility quotient. These teams have actively driven innovation, managed risks, and streamlined operations, thus enhancing UST’s overall agility.

5. Clear Vision and Mission

UST’s alignment of its vision and mission with the strategic approach of agility further contributed to its successful certification. By wholeheartedly embracing agility, UST has created a unified path forward that resonates with its employees, clients, and partners.

UST’s Path to Innovation and Agility

The accolade bestowed upon UST by the Business Agility Institute serves to elevate the company’s stature as a leading global provider of digital transformation solutions. This recognition underscores UST’s commitment to innovation and agility, positioning the company as a dynamic and innovative force in the competitive consulting landscape. UST’s Certified Agile Organization™ status not only attracts top-tier talent eager to work within a dynamic environment but also endows the company with a competitive edge that sets it apart from other consulting firms.

Evan Leybourn, Cofounder of the Business Agility Institute, applauds UST’s achievement, emphasizing the importance of embracing agility in an unpredictable market. UST’s relentless dedication to innovation and client-focused services has solidified its position as a noteworthy contender in the digital transformation arena.

Omar Velasco, VP of Business Agility at UST, further articulates the organization’s commitment to agility and continuous improvement. UST’s business agility teams, through their dedication, have successfully managed risks, propelled innovation, and fortified UST’s journey towards enterprise agility.

Adapting to Challenges: UST’s Resilience Amid Crisis

UST’s journey towards Certified Agile Organization™ status has not only showcased its operational excellence but has also demonstrated its ability to weather challenges with resilience. The organization’s agile framework enabled it to swiftly respond to the complexities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. UST’s nimbleness, adaptability, and ability to uphold seamless global operations even during trying times underscore its prowess as an agile enterprise.

Charting a Path Forward: UST’s Vision

UST’s attainment of Certified Agile Organization™ status is in harmony with its overarching vision to transform the global digital landscape. By empowering businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, UST aims to serve as a catalyst for transformational change. With this esteemed certification in hand, UST is well-equipped to guide its clients across more than 30 countries through digital disruptions, catalyzing a profound impact on the lives of billions.

About BAI

The Business Agility Institute stands as a globally influential research and advocacy organization championing business agility. With a steadfast commitment to fostering industry evolution, BAI provides pragmatic guidance, applied research, and establishes networks to drive change. In a landscape marked by uncertainty, BAI’s goal is to ensure the success of organizations regardless of future challenges.

About UST

With a legacy spanning over 23 years, UST has partnered with leading global companies to effect transformative change through digital solutions. Fueled by technology and driven by purpose, UST collaborates with clients from conceptualization to execution. Armed with a flexible approach, UST identifies core challenges and engineers disruptive solutions to bring its clients’ visions to fruition. The company’s ethos of innovation and agility is woven into the fabric of its clients’ organizations, delivering tangible value and enduring change across industries worldwide. With a workforce of over 30,000 spread across 30+ countries, UST’s impact reverberates across countless lives. Visit them at

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