Vinamilk Depicts the Rise of Vietnam’s Dairy Industry at the 2023 Global Dairy Congress

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Vinamilk, a leading Vietnamese dairy company, made a significant impact at the 16th Global Dairy Congress in London, showcasing the inspiring journey of Vietnam’s dairy industry.
  • The company was honored with the “Best Dairy Alternative 2023 Award” at the World Dairy Innovation Award 2023 for its product, Vinamilk’s Super Nut.
  • Vinamilk highlighted the remarkable development of Vietnam’s dairy sector, which has transformed from a nation with limited resources into a thriving industry capable of meeting domestic demands and gaining global recognition.


Vinamilk, a globally acclaimed Vietnamese dairy company, left a lasting impression at the 16th Global Dairy Congress held in London. The congress, themed “Reimagining Dairy,” served as a platform for industry leaders to address the challenges faced by the global dairy sector and explore opportunities for sustainable growth. Among the prestigious organizations and industry professionals in attendance, Vinamilk stood out as the sole representative from Southeast Asia, captivating the audience with its extraordinary journey and contributions to Vietnam’s flourishing dairy industry.

Vietnam’s Dairy Transformation

Vietnam, with its golden population milestone of 100 million people, has witnessed remarkable growth in its dairy industry. Vinamilk played a pivotal role in this transformation, as Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Vinamilk’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), shared the company’s extraordinary 47-year journey and its impact on the industry’s development in Vietnam. The nation, once constrained by limited resources for dairy development, has now established itself as a thriving sector capable of meeting domestic demands and making a global mark, with Vinamilk leading the way as a world-ranking dairy manufacturer and brand.

Richard Hall, the Chairman of the Global Dairy Congress, expressed his fascination with Vinamilk’s success story, stating, “I am fascinated by the success story of Vinamilk’s CEO and the company, from the early beginning in very difficult circumstances. They have created a world-ranking business. They are developing amazing products, taking care of the social problems, and all the health and well-being issues. And now, they are reaching to the world of dairy.”

Collaborations for Global Growth

During its presentation at the Global Dairy Congress, Vinamilk highlighted a case study of its infant formula products, emphasizing the concept of “Nurturing sustainable growth for an emerging nation of 100 million people.” Vinamilk’s infant formula product, Vinamilk Dielac, started with just one factory in 1990 but quickly became the first “made in Vietnam” infant formula to be exported in 1997.

Recognizing the need for increased production capacity, Vinamilk invested $100 million in 2013 to build the Vietnam Powder Milk Mega Factory. This strategic move enabled the company to meet growing market demands. Today, Vinamilk continues to expand its horizons, investing approximately $600 million in production facilities, engineering, and farming projects to further enhance its supply capacity and meet future market needs.

In a bid to develop world-class nutrition solutions, Vinamilk formed strategic alliances with leading global nutrition expert groups from Europe and Japan, such as DSM, CHR HANSEN, GNOSIS, KANEMATSU, AKK, and BENEO. These collaborations aim to uphold the highest global standards and ensure the delivery of high-quality nutrition products. Vinamilk’s commitment to purity and food safety is reflected in the attainment of the coveted “Purity Award” for all its infant formula products.

Envisioning a Sustainable and Innovative Dairy Industry

As Vietnam’s dairy industry continues to undergo a fundamental transformation, Vinamilk envisions a future characterized by sustainability, advancement, and relentless innovation. Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Vinamilk’s CMO, emphasized the company’s commitment to driving the industry forward, stating, “We envision a sustainable, advanced, and relentlessly innovative dairy industry – a beacon of new possibilities that lie ahead for Vietnam with Vinamilk at the forefront.”

About Vinamilk

Founded in 1976, Vinamilk is the leading national dairy company in Vietnam, specializing in dairy and nutritious products. The company manages 15 farms and 17 factories, offering a product portfolio of up to 250 SKUs that are exported to 60 countries and regions worldwide. Vinamilk is currently among the top 40 largest dairy companies globally and ranks as the sixth most valuable dairy brand internationally.


Vinamilk’s participation at the 2023 Global Dairy Congress showcased the remarkable growth and innovation of Vietnam’s dairy industry. As a driving force in the sector, Vinamilk has transformed the nation’s dairy landscape, meeting domestic demands and gaining global recognition. With a commitment to sustainability, advanced technology, and strategic alliances, Vinamilk is poised to lead Vietnam’s dairy industry into a future defined by excellence and continuous progress.

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