Wib Unveils Groundbreaking Compliance Module to Boost API Security Platform

July 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Wib, a cybersecurity scaleup, introduces the Compliance Module to its API Fusion Platform, aiming to satisfy ever-increasing API compliance standards.
  2. The Compliance Module supports numerous regulations, including PCI 4.0, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and Open Banking standards, among others.
  3. As an addition to Wib’s API Fusion Platform, the Compliance Module provides visibility across the entire API lifecycle and allows for easier management of compliance requirements and potential violations.
  4. The Compliance Module will be automatically enabled for all Wib customers at no extra cost.

The Compliance Module in Detail

Wib’s Compliance Module simplifies the compliance process for organizations by identifying regulatory requirements tailored to specific needs based on minimal information like the industry sector and geographic location. The Compliance Module offers automatic and continuous compliance risk monitoring across all API stages, delivering actionable, real-time insights and the necessary tools for various teams, from developers to incident responders.

Key features of the Compliance Module include:

  • Continuous regulation exposure detection
  • Support for a wide range of global regulations
  • Risk-based violation prioritization
  • Compliance violation exposure time tracking
  • Customer-assigned compliance monitors
  • Audited muting of monitors and violations

Leadership Commentary

“Wib is committed to fortifying API infrastructures across all stages of the API lifecycle,” commented Gil Shulman, VP of Product at Wib. “Our new Compliance Module enables organizations to circumvent internal and technological friction, assisting operational efficiency by significantly reducing decision and action time, ensuring compliance while maintaining an acceptable risk level, striking a balance between agility, governance, and risk.”

Adding to this, Chuck Herrin, CTO at Wib, stated, “‘Time to compliance’ is critical and with Wib’s new Compliance Module CISOs now have a solution that will help them accelerate that journey – reducing time to compliance and decreasing API risk exposure.”

For more information on Wib and its new Compliance Module for the API Fusion Platform, visit www.wib.com.

About Wib
Wib is a leading cybersecurity scaleup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. With an industry-first holistic API security platform, Wib provides continuous visibility and control across the entire API ecosystem, enabling developers to code with confidence and security teams to secure with certainty. The company was founded in August 2021 by Gil Don (CEO), Ran Ohayon (CRO), and Tal Steinherz.

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