Xalient Bolsters its Cybersecurity Leadership with Integral Partners Acquisition

August 26, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Xalient, a cybersecurity and secure networking specialist, announces the acquisition of Integral Partners LLC, a US-based digital identity consulting firm.
  • The acquisition enhances Xalient’s capabilities in identity and access management (IAM) and accelerates its global growth ambitions.
  • The combined expertise of Xalient and Integral Partners will offer customers holistic and integrated services for zero-trust security and cloud migration.
  • This strategic move strengthens Xalient’s presence in North America and positions it as a leader in cybersecurity, digital identity, and secure networking.

About Xalient: Driving Innovation in Cybersecurity

LONDON, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Xalient, a renowned name in secure digital identity and network transformation, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Integral Partners LLC, a digital identity consulting and advisory firm based in the United States. With a distinguished track record of over a decade, Integral Partners specializes exclusively in Identity and Access Management (IAM), making this partnership a significant step forward for Xalient’s growth trajectory.

Pioneering Secure Networking with Innovation Founded in 2015, Xalient has consistently challenged conventional norms in secure networking. Its innovative solutions encompass a robust portfolio of zero-trust offerings and AI-powered managed services that span cybersecurity, software-defined networking, and communications. By acquiring Integral Partners, Xalient further cements its position as a leader in secure networking and digital identity.

Integrating Identity Security for Zero-Trust Frameworks

Integral Partners brings a wealth of identity security capabilities to Xalient’s already-impressive portfolio. Digital identity is a cornerstone of modern zero-trust frameworks, which emphasize the need to verify and authenticate users and devices before granting access. The integration of Integral Partners’ expertise complements Xalient’s existing managed services, offering customers a comprehensive suite of services that accelerate their zero-trust journeys to the cloud.

With identity solutions being pivotal in today’s cybersecurity landscape, Xalient aims to equip organizations with the tools and knowledge to navigate complex challenges effectively.

Bolstering Presence and Global Growth

Sherry Vaswani, Founder and CEO at Xalient, emphasizes the significance of this acquisition for the company’s trajectory: “This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Xalient’s journey. We are joining forces to create a unique blend of identity, security, and networking expertise in a specialist services company.”

The acquisition also plays a role in strengthening Xalient’s presence in North America. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, Xalient’s strategic move reflects its commitment to offering tailored solutions that address the complex needs of organizations worldwide.

Shared Values and Future Potential

The alignment of values and goals between Xalient and Integral Partners is a driving force behind this partnership. Scott Silver, CEO, and President of Integral Partners, highlights the value proposition: “Our shared values and ambition, combined with the complementary nature of our services, convinced us that Xalient is the perfect choice to propel Integral’s business forward.”

Mark Cooke, COO of Xalient, echoes the growing demand for IAM strategies and solutions: “Organizations must improve governance and strengthen privileged access management practices to prevent breaches and establish more robust and agile authentication and authorization.”

Expertise in Motion: Combining Strengths for Growth

Both Xalient and Integral Partners stand out in their respective fields for their agility, customer-centric approach, and commitment to results. Together, they pave the way for sustained growth in a market that increasingly values specialized providers with the flexibility and expertise to address unique challenges.

About Xalient: Transforming Secure Networking and Cybersecurity

Xalient is at the forefront of addressing the challenges large global enterprises face in networking and security. With headquarters in the UK and offices in the USA, Xalient has served clients like Kellogg’s, Avis Budget Group, WPP, and Keurig Dr Pepper. Established eight years ago, Xalient leverages software-defined networking, security, communication technologies, and intelligent managed services to drive zero-trust initiatives. It keeps global brands resilient, adaptable, and responsive in an era of complex cyber threats.

Xalient’s commitment to innovation is evident in its recognition as one of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2023 by Financial Times and Statista for the second year in a row.

About Integral Partners LLC: Elevating IAM Excellence

Integral Partners LLC is a premier identity cybersecurity consulting firm focused solely on empowering organizations to establish, implement, and support effective Identity and Access Management programs. Their comprehensive solutions span Advisory, IGA, PAM, Customer Identity, Access Enforcement, and Managed Services. Integral Partners is vendor-agnostic, ensuring that clients receive tailored solutions aligned with their unique needs. With expertise in top IAM platforms and a commitment to cybersecurity excellence, Integral Partners helps organizations manage compliance, secure cloud migration, and navigate complex IAM challenges.

Headquartered in Boulder, Integral Partners serves clients across various industries in North America.

In uniting their expertise, Xalient and Integral Partners are poised to provide unmatched value to organizations seeking cutting-edge solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, secure networking, and digital identity.

For more information about Xalient and its services, visit www.xalient.com. To learn more about Integral Partners and its offerings, visit www.integralpartnersllc.com.

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