XRP Healthcare Africa partners with FasterCapital run by Forbes top-rated investor Hesham Zreik

April 24, 2023

Hesham Zreik, co-founder and CEO of FasterCapital was ranked 39 among the top 50 investors in 2018 by Forbes, thanks to his successes in investments and exits. With over 20 years of experience leading multinational businesses, he is a growth-oriented business leader with exceptional entrepreneurial skills. Hesham’s role will be to raise funds for XRP Healthcare Africa to acquire private healthcare clinics, pharmacies, care homes, and hospitals throughout the African continent, so it can grow exponentially, in return for equity in the company.

The collaboration between XRP Healthcare and FasterCapital is a momentous development for XRP Healthcare and Africa’s healthcare industry which will fast-track investment, procurement, and upgrade of existing profitable private healthcare establishments that will also utilize the XRP Healthcare’s native token (XRPH) for sending and receiving payments in the developing ecosystem.

Hesham Zreik’s extensive experience and knowledge in venture capital and entrepreneurship, along with XRP Healthcare’s exceptional promptitude and energy, culminates in an optimal alliance, ideally positioned to procure, and further develop private healthcare clinics and hospitals across Africa by upgrading facilities, enabling easier access to medical supplies, and life-saving training.

Hesham’s expertise in business planning, marketing, fundraising, and mentorship will be invaluable in supporting the development of XRP Healthcare Africa as they enter the private healthcare sector together.

In a recently released statement, Faster Capital’s founder Hesham Zreik said “This is one of the most exciting projects to get through our various stages of due diligence, the vision is expansive, and we do not have a shortage of viable investors that are interested in investing, especially in such a burgeoning industry such as the healthcare sector. Better healthcare provisions and standards for pharmerging countries are required, especially when everything is about profits, but if you can combine both, i.e. better healthcare and profits, then it’s a win/win for everyone concerned”.

XRP Healthcare will be launching its decentralized marketplace this quarter and has been onboarding partners from traditional and non-traditional healthcare sectors, some of which will be pivotal in providing medical equipment and supplies to help upgrade procured private healthcare establishments that will be merged under one roof of operation.

FasterCapital supports start-ups in their development stages worldwide. The platform’s team of experts helps entrepreneurs with business planning, marketing, fundraising, and mentorship, all in exchange for equity in the startup.

Kain Roomes, founder of XRP Healthcare said “With FasterCapital’s support, we now have a comprehensive plan to materialize our goal of buying already profitable privately owned clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. We believe our goal to acquire, improve and merge these already businesses will be achieved in a much shorter period than at first anticipated. XRP Healthcare Africa is truly inspired to be working with Hesham and his company. Again, we look forward to an exciting journey in Africa to uplift, support, and transform the existing private healthcare sector.”

Business Development and co-founder Laban Roomes made this statement “We are inspired to have FasterCapital and Hesham Zreik on board as part of our extended team, with the specific focus of raising capital for our expansion into Africa – with this partnership, our company has not only gained an acclaimed investor, but a mentor and advisor too”.

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