XRP Healthcare introduces its Head of Global Strategy — Brian J. Esposito

January 17, 2023

Brian Esposito boasts an esteemed and expansive record of achievements (this article barely covers the body of his complete accomplishments), and for several years he has ranked among the world’s top 10 CEOs. He is known for building businesses in both the public and private sectors that are based on sustainable healthy positive earnings and growth.

So without further ado here is an introduction to XRP Healthcare’s Head Of Global Strategy:

  • Founded Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE) in New York in 2013. Wholly owned by Brian, EIE currently consists of 95+ entities, and 200+ joint ventures that have been accumulated around the world, and proudly operates in over 25 industries. EIE is an arsenal of IP, technology, products, solutions, and services supported by exceptional management and those holdings wrapped with best-in-breed accounting, compliance, legal, and even private security that knows how to build value, boost balance sheets, and create real tangible returns or unlock dormant or distressed assets for stakeholders.
  • Award-winning serial entrepreneur and business leader
  • Famed for being a core part of an innovative team to build Nodle — the world’s largest wireless network and ecosystem of connected devices
  • A core member of Turncoin, a registered SEC digital security that every month shares 100% of the revenue generated from its TheXchange’s VirtualStaX platform with all Turncoin holders. TurnCoin is the only revenue-sharing digital security that derives its value and yield from the sale of VirtualStaX. TheXchange is the First Global Talent Exchange and a one-of-a-kind platform that is set to completely reimagine and disrupt the global fan economy.
  • In December 2019, and August 2022, he was featured in The Corporate Investment Times, the next-gen investment magazine in the Middle East.
  • Recognized in 2020/2021 as one of the Top 100 People In RealEstate as well as in 2021/2022 recognized as one of the Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs.
  • In 2022, he co-led the development and launch of ChainTech Labs, licensed and registered out of the DIFC in Dubai, UAE. ChainTech Labs is the holder of NFT project sensations and communities such as BAPES/BAPESCLAN, and Apiens. ChainTech Labs also developed a revolutionary NFT airlines rewards system in partnership with Etihad Airways.

Using his perfected capabilities, Brian connects the right people at the right time. “Integrity is at the core of who we are and what we do at EIE. We strive to do good business with good people, and we turn down more business than we take for that exact foundation,” he says.

Brian will undoubtedly bring much experience and expertise to the XRPH team and enhance the position of XRPH going forward.

“It is with complete excitement, honor, and pride to have been asked to join the XRP Healthcare project. After my first discussion with Kain and Laban Roomes, I knew this was something that I had to be part of, open up my world, expertise, relationships, and access for, and do everything I can to ensure its success. Bringing healthcare into this wonderful Web3 world and movement is essential, and there is nobody more poised and ready to do so than XRP Healthcare and this incredible growing team.”   Brian J. Esposito

The past several months have been excitingly productive and give great cause for positivity for the months ahead. From the token creation event to the addition of six new team members has been a promising achievement, not to mention a welcomed act of strengthening the overall project, and its ambitions. Furthermore, the partnership with ScriptCo (the first and only pharmacy in America selling medication at cost price) has been a real boost and a hallmark of the aspirations of XRP Healthcare.

XRP Healthcare is a UK based company and was established in September 2022, it is the first Pharmaceutical and Healthcare platform to be built on the XRP Ledger, with strong objectives to bring needed innovation to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry. XRPH intends to do this by simplifying and creating fast payments/transactions between market participants, and by bringing transparency by way of tracking pharmaceuticals from inception to the consumer, combating the multi-billion dollar counterfeit medicine industry, with an interface for interactive engagement between consumers and healthcare service providers via the mobile and web app.


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