Yoto and Universal Music Group Collaborate to Bring Music Magic to Kids Worldwide

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Yoto, the audio platform for kids, has entered a groundbreaking partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG) to introduce iconic music titles and artists to its platform.
  • The partnership aims to provide children with access to high-quality music and foster their appreciation for artistry from a young age.
  • Yoto offers screen-free audio content for kids, inspired by Montessori principles of education, and has gained recognition for its Yoto Player and Yoto Mini devices.
  • The collaboration starts with the release of Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 on Yoto’s platform.
  • Yoto’s mission is to inspire children through the power of audio, offering a diverse range of audiobooks, activities, and music.

A Harmonious Collaboration: Yoto and Universal Music Group Join Forces:

Yoto, the innovative audio platform designed for children, has unveiled an exciting partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), a global leader in music-based entertainment. This landmark agreement aims to introduce legendary music titles and artists from UMG’s extensive catalog to Yoto’s platform, providing young listeners with a unique and engaging musical experience. The collaboration underscores Yoto’s commitment to inspiring children through the magic of audio while promoting creativity, education, and exploration.

Yoto: Enriching Children’s Audio Experiences:

Yoto has been making waves in the audio industry since its inception in 2020. Co-founded by digital music pioneers Ben Drury and Filip Denker, Yoto was inspired by Montessori principles of education and designed to offer children a safe and enriching audio experience. The platform’s flagship products, the Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, provide young listeners with access to a diverse library of over 1,000 audiobooks, activities, and music. Yoto’s innovative devices ensure that children can enjoy engaging audio content without exposure to ads, inappropriate material, or excessive screen time.

Empowering Children through Independence: Yoto’s Approach:

Yoto’s philosophy centers around fostering independence and curiosity in children. By offering a wide range of curated audio content, Yoto empowers young listeners to explore their interests, learn new concepts, and engage with stories and music that enhance their cognitive development. The screen-free nature of Yoto’s devices allows children as young as three to take control of their audio experiences, promoting a healthier and more interactive form of entertainment.

The Evolution of Yoto’s Devices: Yoto Player 3rd Generation:

Building on its previous successes, Yoto introduced the Yoto Player 3rd Generation in June 2023. Priced at £99.99 ($119.99), this enhanced model retains the beloved features of its predecessors while introducing improvements such as immersive stereo sound. Yoto’s commitment to providing the best audio experience for children is evident in this latest iteration, designed to captivate young listeners with an even more engaging sonic journey.

UMG Joins Yoto’s Musical Odyssey: Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 1:

The Yoto and UMG partnership will debut with the iconic Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 1. Available as a Yoto Card, this album offers young listeners a chance to experience timeless music and legendary artistry. The collaboration marks a significant step toward providing children with a broader spectrum of musical offerings, ultimately contributing to their cultural enrichment and creative growth.

A Promising Future of Musical Exploration: Curated Music Content:

Yoto’s partnership with UMG sets the stage for a series of releases that will introduce children to a wide array of musical genres, artists, and labels. The collaboration’s focus on curating music content tailored for young audiences ensures that children will have the opportunity to develop a lifelong love for music, appreciating its various forms and influences.

Voices of the Collaborators: Sharing Their Vision:

Yoto’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ben Drury, expresses the educational importance of music, saying, “Research consistently shows that music plays a crucial role in a child’s development, stimulating their creativity, enhancing cognitive abilities, teaching language and creating social bonds.” The partnership with UMG allows Yoto to provide children with a diverse and enriching audio experience that aligns with their mission.

Dom Hodge, Yoto’s Head of Music and Sound, shares his excitement for the partnership: “With Universal Music Group on board, Yoto is poised to take its musical offerings to a whole new level.” He emphasizes the platform’s commitment to enabling children across the globe to experience music from the world’s best artists in a kid-friendly manner.

A Melodic Future for Young Audiences:

Yoto’s collaboration with Universal Music Group marks an exciting new chapter in children’s audio entertainment. As the partnership unfolds, children around the world can look forward to discovering the magic of music and the joy of artistic exploration through Yoto’s innovative platform.

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