Zedsen: Revolutionizing Early Cancer Detection with Seasoned Technological Leadership

July 22, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  1. Zedsen, a MedTech start-up, is making significant strides in early breast cancer detection through non-invasive sensing technology.
  2. Michael Lynch and Martin Harriman are now leading the company, bringing a vast array of experience in technology, biotech, and other industries.
  3. The company is set to launch its first clinical study in Q4 2023, marking an important milestone in their development journey.

Zedsen: A Leader in Non-Invasive Sensing Technology

Founded with an innovative vision, Zedsen is a groundbreaking MedTech start-up globally recognized for its non-invasive sensing technology that is revolutionizing early breast cancer detection. This company, backed by a world-class team of scientists and engineers, aims to transform the clinical pathway in cancer care.

A Powerful Leadership Duo: Michael Lynch and Martin Harriman

At the helm of Zedsen are Michael Lynch and Martin Harriman, seasoned leaders with an extensive background in the hardware and deep technology space. They both carry a proven track record of growing technology companies from infancy to maturity, their most notable achievement being the expansion of WaveOptics, which later sold to Snap, Inc. for over $600m in 2021.

Michael Lynch: A New Era of Leadership at Zedsen

Appointed as Zedsen’s CEO in June 2023, Michael Lynch’s experience is as impressive as it is diverse. He’s held senior executive positions across various industries including aerospace, consumer electronics, biotech, and the US Federal Government. He has made his mark in companies like Rocket Lab, WaveOptics, Space X, and Eli Lilly. His tenure at WaveOptics saw him play a crucial role in orchestrating the company’s acquisition, one of the UK’s largest hardware technology exits.

In a recent statement, Chairman Martin Harriman lauded Lynch, “Mike is an exceptional leader specialising in leading high performing organisations. His background in taking innovative technologies and turning them into incredibly successful businesses is perfect for Zedsen as they reach a pivotal point in their development pathway…”

Excited about his new role, Lynch emphasized, “Zedsen is at a very exciting inflection point… I am really excited to take on this new challenge and believe deeply that this technology has the potential to be a force for good globally, in the way we diagnose and treat breast cancer.”

Martin Harriman: Guiding Zedsen to Success

Martin Harriman, the Chairman of Zedsen, has been an influential figure in technology for over 25 years. Appointed in July 2021, he has successfully led Zedsen through the early development of its transformative oncology product. With an impressive track record of raising over $1 billion for UK-based businesses in the last 5 years, Harriman has had his share of successful exits, including the sale of WaveOptics to Snap and the sale of Jola Ltd to Wireless Logic. As a start-up veteran, Harriman has worked extensively with hardware businesses, helping them overcome obstacles to raise capital and succeed.

The Path Ahead: Bringing Revolutionary Technology to Market

Both Michael Lynch and Martin Harriman are poised to guide Zedsen through the next critical phase of its development. The start of its first clinical study in Q4 2023 signifies an essential step towards realizing its vision. Their combined experience and leadership will undeniably play an instrumental role in bringing Zedsen’s technology to the global market, making early and non-invasive cancer detection a widespread reality. The future of Zedsen, under their stewardship, is as bright as it is promising.

For more information about Zedsen and their revolutionary technology, please visit www.zedsen.com.

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