A Voyage into the Future: Cunard’s Stellar 2024 Event Program

July 21, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cunard’s renowned Event Voyages program for 2024 promises an unmatched experience, combining luxury travel with top-notch gastronomy, arts, and entertainment.
  2. Four out of the seven themed voyages will be hosted on Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2, while the remaining three will take place on Queen Elizabeth, exploring Australia and Japan in early 2024.
  3. The Event Voyages include the popular “London Theatre at Sea” and the “Literature Festival at Sea”, along with new additions like the 400th Transatlantic Crossing and the Sporting Greats & Wellness Voyage.
  4. Each event is carefully curated, featuring workshops, performances, and activities led by renowned figures in their respective fields.

About Cunard:

Cunard, the luxury British cruise line, has a legacy of creating unforgettable experiences around the world. Since its inception in 1840, Cunard has been at the forefront of transatlantic journeys, setting the benchmark for world-class travel. With its meticulously crafted dining, entertainment, and service experiences, Cunard takes its guests on incredible voyages across Europe, the Caribbean, the Far East, and Australia. The current fleet comprises three ships, the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria, with the Queen Anne set to join in 2024.

The Themed Voyages:

Cunard’s event voyage schedule for 2024 includes an array of enchanting experiences. The flagship Queen Mary 2 will host four of the seven scheduled voyages, including the “London Theatre at Sea,” in collaboration with the Olivier Awards, and the “Literature Festival at Sea,” curated in partnership with The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival. The Queen Mary 2 will also undertake her historic 400th Transatlantic Crossing, harking back to the iconic journey made when Cunard’s history began in 1840.

The Queen Elizabeth, meanwhile, will venture into new territories with the Sporting Greats & Wellness Voyage, the Great Australian Culinary Voyage, and the Big Band Ball voyage. The Wellness Voyage features Australian sporting superstars Brett Lee and Karrie Webb, alongside Amanda McLaren of the British luxury car company. The Culinary Voyage brings guests into the world of food and wine with award-winning chef Karen Martini.

Matt Gleaves, VP Commercial, Cunard North America, beautifully encapsulated the essence of these voyages, stating, “Cunard’s Event Voyages offer far more than just stand out performances. Each is expertly curated to offer our guests unique opportunities to immerse themselves into theme or occasion, meeting and hearing from world-renowned leaders in their fields, many with interactive workshops and a programme of activities and performances to choose from throughout the day and evening.”

The Legacy of Cunard:

Cunard’s voyage program is built on a history of innovation and dedication to delivering unrivaled experiences. This announcement of their 2024 Event Voyages is a testament to this ongoing commitment. As they chart a course into the future, Cunard continues to redefine luxury cruising, creating unforgettable journeys that blend relaxation, enrichment, and adventure in equal measure.

Whether you are a foodie eager to explore new culinary frontiers, a theatre enthusiast looking to immerse yourself in world-class performances, or a literature lover wanting to dive deep into literary discussions with acclaimed authors, Cunard’s 2024 Event Voyages program promises an unparalleled ocean travel experience.

As Cunard continues to set the standard for luxury cruising in the 21st century, guests can anticipate more innovative and immersive experiences on their voyages. The 2024 Event Voyages program is just the tip of the iceberg. “And of course,” adds Gleaves, “all offered with the luxurious backdrops of the Cunard Queens and all while enjoying the signature touches you can always look forward to with Cunard.”

As the countdown to 2024 begins, one thing is for sure: with Cunard, the journey is as memorable as the destination.

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