Charging Ahead: How OriginTrail is Shaping a Sustainable Future for Electric Vehicle Batteries

September 2, 2023
AI-powered chat for EV DPPs based on OriginTrail trusted knowledge foundation.

Key Takeaways:

  • OriginTrail is revolutionizing the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery landscape with Digital Product Passports (DPPs) that offer unprecedented traceability and verifiability.
  • The DPPs serve as a foundation for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that streamline data queries, offer proactive insights, and improve customer engagement.
  • Trace Labs, the core developer of OriginTrail, is expanding the scope of its technology to various product categories beyond EV batteries.

About OriginTrail and Trace Labs

OriginTrail is an ecosystem committed to fostering a sustainable global economy through AI-ready Knowledge Assets. Its open-source Decentralized Knowledge Graph links physical and digital worlds to drive transparency and trust. Trace Labs, the core developer of OriginTrail, has partnerships with multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, international trade, and construction.

The Imperative for Electric Vehicle Battery Passports

The future is electric, but it needs to be ethical too. The EU has mandated digital product passports for EV batteries by 2027, aiming to enforce sustainability, traceability, and ethical manufacturing. These passports are accessible via a QR code and serve to ensure that the battery and its materials have been produced and used responsibly. OriginTrail’s decentralized Knowledge Assets offer a reliable infrastructure for these digital product passports.

Setting the Standard: OriginTrail’s Unique Characteristics

Ownership: The first feature that sets OriginTrail’s DPPs apart is ownership verification. They confirm the authenticity of each EV battery, linking it back to its original manufacturer. This offers a transparent and accountable supply chain right from the manufacturing phase.

Discoverability: OriginTrail’s DPPs allow stakeholders to trace an EV battery’s entire lifecycle. From sourcing the metals to recycling the battery, all the information is easily accessible and connected.

Verifiability: With OriginTrail, every data point within the DPP can be independently verified using blockchain technology, ensuring data integrity at each step of the battery’s life.

Data Privacy: OriginTrail gives manufacturers the ability to control what data is made public and what remains confidential, thereby striking a balance between transparency and business sensitivity.

Towards Trusted AI: The Future of EVs

According to Trace Labs, OriginTrail’s DPPs can serve as a foundation for AI solutions, providing numerous benefits:

Simplified, Interactive Queries: With the integration of AI, manufacturers can easily query complex supply chain data through chat-like interfaces.

Proactive Insights: The AI predicts potential disruptions in the supply chain or battery issues, allowing companies to take preemptive actions.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: AI-driven insights offer manufacturers the tools to proactively reach out to customers about potential battery issues, thereby building trust and ensuring safety.

Holistic View of the Supply Chain: AI tools can provide a 360-degree view of the battery supply chain, from sourcing to recycling, thereby enabling manufacturers to identify and effectively address sustainability issues.

Expanding Horizons: Beyond EV Batteries

The scope of OriginTrail’s technology goes beyond EV batteries. As the EU is expanding its regulation for DPPs to other product categories, OriginTrail’s solution could be used for billions of products. This broadens the potential for establishing a trusted AI foundation and ensures a sustainable and ethical future across various industries.

“In an age where customer loyalty is gold, AI-driven insights from EV battery DPPs offer manufacturers a new playbook. For example, by preemptively identifying potential battery issues, manufacturers can proactively reach out to their customers, ensuring safety and building trust,” said a representative from Trace Labs.


By amalgamating advanced technology with a responsible ethos, OriginTrail is not only setting the industry standard but is also redefining what it means to have a truly sustainable and smart automotive world. Their work is more than an incremental step forward; it represents a quantum leap toward a future where trusted knowledge empowers meaningful decisions, sustainability, and innovation.

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