DAX signed as exclusive ad sales partner for brand-new scripted podcast, Popcorn for Dinner

March 9, 2023

Popcorn for Dinner is a first of its kind in audio: a sharply written series packed with all the recognisable elements of a classic sitcom (yes, laugh track included). It delivers a familiar format, yet modern storytelling, with a charming running commentary from Gen-Z narrator, Ciara Bravo (YouTube Premium’s Wayne, Russo Brothers’ Cherry).

Popcorn for Dinner (10 x 30′) is created by Maddy Kelly and produced by Kelly&Kelly and UTA’s Clamor for DAX, the pioneering digital ad exchange created and operated by Global, the Media & Entertainment group.

DAX is the exclusive sales partner, providing advertisers in the US and the UK with sponsorship, host-read and spot ad opportunities throughout the series.

Popcorn for Dinner: follows four young friends navigating their twenties as they make it on their own at work and University, even though none of them know what it’s supposed to look like…at all. It’s packed with all the enduring elements that make classic sitcoms identifiable and invites listeners to laugh at the comedy, the characters, and the format itself.

Maddy Kelly, a 26-year-old emerging writer and comedian, created this project with a fresh, clear vision. She says, “so many shows about young people are often created by an older generation. I’ve always been obsessed with sitcoms and wanted to create a series that was true to my experience.”

The ad sales deal was brokered by Les Hollander, CEO of DAX US.

Les Hollander says: “Popcorn for Dinner is a podcast that couples quality storytelling with a good dose of nostalgia and lots of laugh-out-loud moments amongst friends. It’s a show that has been created by Gen Z writers and producers, for a Gen Z audience – an underserved and underrepresented group in the world of podcasting. I think it’s going to strike a chord and create die-hard fans amongst a generation who love the classic sitcoms that resonate with their own lives and capture some of their experiences and routines. It’s a great opportunity for advertisers to reach young audiences so I’m pleased to have partnered with Clamor and Kelly&Kelly to make it available on our digital ad exchange, DAX.”

“It’s exciting to make a show that is truly different from other comedy podcasts,” says Chris Kelly, Kelly&Kelly’s Creative Director. “Along with Clamor, we’re really proud to have created an innovative format that redefines what’s possible in comedy audio.”

Popcorn for Dinner launches today (March 7th) on Global Player and everywhere podcasts are available. New episodes will be released every Tuesday for nine weeks.

About Global / DAX

Global is one of the world’s leading Media & Entertainment groups. It is Europe’s largest radio company and one of the leading Outdoor companies in both the UK & Europe.

Global created and operates DAX, a pioneering digital audio advertising. Through its proprietary technology, DAX connects advertisers with an audience of more than 130 million people worldwide, inserting targeted advertising into music streaming services, connected radio listening and podcasts in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.

DAX is one of the largest digital audio advertising platforms in the world.

The company headquarters is in London’s iconic Leicester Square. Ashley Tabor-King OBE is Founder & Executive President, Stephen Miron is Group CEO, Lord Allen is Chairman and James Rea is Director of Broadcasting and Content. Ashley Tabor-King created Global in 2007.



About Maddy Kelly

Maddy Kelly has been doing stand-up comedy since she was 18 years old and has been featured in several JFL productions.  Maddy is one of the hosts of Let’s Make A Rom-Com and Let’s Make A Sci-Fi which was highlighted as a “Best Podcast of 2022” by both The New Yorker and Vulture Magazine.

About Kelly&Kelly

Kelly&Kelly is an award-winning creative studio that specializes in comedic podcasts. Their work has garnered over 80 million listens and views across multiple platforms. Other shows produced includes Dark Air with Terry Carnation (with Rainn Wilson) Unqualified with Anna Faris, Celeste & Her Best (with Celeste Barber), Audible’s Things We Don’t Talk About (starring Luke Kirby & Lauren Lapkus) and Zeta Family (with Kevin Nealon).


About Clamor

Clamor is an audio production company, conceived and invested in by United Talent Agency as a creative liaison between talent and audio buyers; from pitch to script development to sale. Clamor is devoted to helping UTA clients and the broader Hollywood community navigate the podcast business and create premium audio content.

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