Edgewater’s Bold Stride in the UK: Navigating New Waters with the FCA License

August 19, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Edgewater Markets Limited secures a coveted FCA license.
  • The move underscores Edgewater’s commitment to transparency and regulatory adherence.
  • Appointment of Emanuel Georgouras as the UK Chief Executive augments the firm’s ambitious growth strategy.

A Significant Step Forward: Edgewater’s FCA License

Edgewater Markets Limited, an offshoot of Edgewater Markets LLC, has taken a monumental leap by obtaining a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – a highly esteemed regulatory body in the global financial domain. With the UK’s financial sector regarded as one of the most competitive and stringent, the acquisition of this license is no small feat. It not only cements Edgewater Markets Limited’s regulatory credibility but also lays the foundation for a more expansive suite of offerings tailored for a wider clientele base.

Why the FCA License Matters

The FCA’s reputation as a financial regulator is peerless. Its rigorous standards and unwavering commitment to investor protection make an FCA license one of the most sought-after validations in the financial industry. For Edgewater Markets Limited, this isn’t just a badge of honour – it’s a testament to the firm’s unyielding commitment to operational integrity and transparency. In the words of Alex Scarsini, President and founder of Edgewater, “This license underscores our commitment to operating with the utmost integrity, transparency, and adherence to regulatory standards.”

Leadership Under a New Umbrella: Meet Emanuel Georgouras

The licensing announcement came hand-in-hand with another significant development: the induction of Emanuel Georgouras as the Senior Manager Function 1 (SMF1) UK Chief Executive of Edgewater Markets Limited. Georgouras, with his extensive background in financial services and a notable stint at Edgewater, embodies the company’s vision for the future. Scarsini praises Georgouras’s expertise, highlighting his “strategic vision and leadership” as essential catalysts for Edgewater’s expansion journey in the UK and other markets.

A Spectrum of Financial Services

With the FCA license in its arsenal, Edgewater Markets Limited is poised to roll out a comprehensive range of institutional financial services. This includes everything from liquidity provision, advanced technology solutions, to specialized offerings in foreign exchange, non-deliverable forwards, and a wide range of commodity and derivative products. All these services, grounded in Edgewater’s dedication to high standards of client protection, risk management, and operational efficiency, signal an exciting phase for the firm and its clientele.

About Edgewater

Born from a vision to revolutionize trading technology, Edgewater has etched its mark as a premier FX trade execution and liquidity aggregation provider. With over a decade in the industry, the firm’s mantra is unmistakably client-centric. Their mission is intertwined with the success of their clients, and as they often say, “when they succeed, we succeed.” A holistic approach, combined with an unblemished track record, positions Edgewater as a beacon of excellence in the world of global markets. To delve deeper into their story, visit their website at edgewatermarkets.com.

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, Edgewater Markets Limited’s latest strides emphasize its commitment to growth, innovation, and the highest standards of service. As the company continues its ascent, the financial community, both in the UK and globally, will undoubtedly watch its journey with keen interest.

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