Exploring London’s Big Data Innovations: Notable New Startup Highlights

January 10, 2024
Despite a tough year globally, 2020 brought with it an impressive wave of innovative thinkers who chose to embark on bold entrepreneurial adventures despite the odds. Focused on the film-worthy theme of Big Data are a bevy of freshly founded startups calling London home. Each endeavour aims to navigate and harness the great data ocean, bringing transformative solutions across multiple industries.

From bespoke AI to immersive blockchain technologies, their innovative pursuits have positioned them as industry game-changers, streamlining countless operations and providing new windows into exploitable insights. Here, we delve into these exciting ventures that have injected a dose of adrenaline into London’s tech scene.

The following is a snapshot of the startups that have caught our eye. In no particular order, each company has made a significant mark, set to redefine the burgeoning big data landscape. The London-based enterprises we highlight were all founded in or after 2020.


A brainchild of Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz, Bitfount is making a name in the realm of data science platforms. Prioritizing federated, privacy-preserving data analysis and AI, they achieve the seemingly impossible feat of rendering the world’s otherwise impenetrable data efficiently interactable. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


DropsTab is a novel cryptocurrency market tracker that amalgamates real-time data. By monitoring both centralized and decentralized exchanges alongside all blockchain transactions, DropsTab provides unparalleled access to salient and unique data on the crypto market. Keep up with them on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Gorton Software

Abhi Bhardwaj’s Gorton Software aids clients in mining the most valuable insights from their data, ultimately turning them into competitive advantages. This breakthrough startup uses AI and analytics to tackle some of the toughest problems organizations encounter worldwide.

Vizniti Solutions

At the junction of Big Data, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) sits Vizniti Solutions – a standout player navigating these complex, intertwined technologies. You can follow their remarkable journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Borago Insights

Among the notable startups is Borago Insights, a venture co-founded by Emma Haslam. Focused on offering analytics and big data consilience, Borago Insights has been turning heads since its inception. Find out more about their groundbreaking work on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Jade Bates and Tom McDonough, Airslip is a dynamic startup operating at the intersection of apps, big data, and financial services. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Tactic, the brainchild of Jack Hodkinson and Rudolf Lai, is a robust B2B platform aiming to streamline research and augment productivity. This firm is bold in their mission and undoubtedly one to watch. To learn more, check them out on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Co-founded by Cian Kennedy and Emily Prevezer, elm seeks to bring data superpowers to FMCG brands. By optimizing sales data to deliver actionable insights, elm is certainly a start-up to keep in your sights. Find out more about their impressive solutions via their LinkedIn page.

Data Catalyst

Co-founded by Dr. Nicholas Rendell and Jude Fisher, Data Catalyst is a universal platform for developers striving to connect applications to sources of personal, open, and commercial data. Offering a variety of tools and services, they are simplifying the development of connected apps. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.

Vast Dreams

Vast Dreams, a multi-industry trailblazer co-founded by Abhishek Sehgal, Aditi Garg, and Swarnab Roy, specializes in enterprise-grade software infrastructures for both customer and internal business solutions. You can follow their journey on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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