Partners with Sumsub to Bolster Identity Verification, Anti-Fraud, and Compliance Measures

July 9, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  1. Virtual asset service provider has partnered with Sumsub, a verification platform that offers KYC, KYB, AML, and transaction monitoring solutions.
  2. The collaboration aims to enhance user onboarding processes while adhering to AML and crypto regulatory requirements worldwide.
  3. The team-up will combine Sumsub’s advanced verification technologies with’s innovative blockchain solutions to ensure a secure and seamless onboarding experience for crypto enthusiasts.

About and Sumsub is a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013, offering a diverse range of trading services with 100% user-verifiable Proof of Reserves. Ranked consistently as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges for liquidity and trading volume, is committed to providing a secure digital asset platform for users worldwide.

Sumsub is a leading full-cycle verification platform providing tailored solutions for KYC, KYB, transaction monitoring, and fraud prevention. By allowing businesses to customize their verification process, Sumsub aids in meeting compliance requirements, welcoming more customers globally, reducing costs, and safeguarding businesses.

The Partnership and Its Benefits

The partnership between and Sumsub comes at a time when the demand for robust KYC, AML, and anti-fraud measures in the cryptocurrency industry continues to surge. By leveraging Sumsub’s cutting-edge verification technologies, aims to enhance its user onboarding process, ensuring compliance with AML and other crypto regulatory requirements across its operating regions.

Dr. Han Lin, Founder and CEO of Gate Group, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that working with Sumsub, a global leader in identity verification, anti-fraud, and compliance, would further secure users’ assets on’s crypto exchange platform. He also highlighted that implementing Sumsub’s KYC, AML screening, and Travel Rule solutions across Gate Group would enhance the user experience for its global customers.

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