Hornbill partners with i3Works to spread the benefits of Enterprise Service Management in the UK

March 28, 2023

Hornbill, a leading Enterprise Service Management (ESM) technology and solutions provider, today announced a new strategic partnership with i3Works, a UK management consulting and services company. The partnership further supports Hornbill’s double-digit growth in the ESM market and increases the consultancy offerings available to customers across digital transformation, IT service best practice, and implementation of ITSM and ESM projects.

ESM is regarded as a foundational investment for businesses under pressure to improve the services and experiences they provide to customers and employees. The ESM market is one of the strongest in the UK economy, with annual growth forecasted at 18.7% until at least 2027.

Research has shown that up to 40% of the workforce is contemplating changing their job in the next six months. With some roles taking 200+ days to fill, UK organisations are increasingly motivated to create employee experiences that satisfy employees and boost talent retention. ESM improves employee experiences in two ways: They get quick, convenient, digital experiences when they need services and support to help them do their jobs. And they have access to simple work automation tools that help them re-focus on the business mission, not routine daily workloads.

“The ESM market is growing fast because of pressure to provide great service experiences, delivered digitally, and the need to automate day-to-day workloads that stand in the way of progress,” says Gerry Sweeney, CEO at Hornbill. “Up to 90% of the routine interactions and delivery tasks can be digitalized and automated, slashing operating costs and saving hundreds of thousands of hours of tedious manual work. It’s this transformation of the service ecosystem that makes ESM a catalyst for faster business transformation.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Hornbill customers can benefit from implementations delivered by i3Works’ specialist ITSM and ESM consultants who bring deep experience in defence, public, private and third sectors. Whether calling on their extensive experiential knowledge or recommending best practice subtleties within an individual ITIL practice or value chain, i3Works’ specialists will be on hand to ensure that even in the most complex challenges, Hornbill customers are never far from a solution.
  • i3Works’ bring a range of capabilities across Service Management disciplines, including consultancy throughout the ITIL Service Value System and associated practices.

This is further supported by their Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP) status, Axelos ITIL Maturity Model Assessor certification, and SIAM and COBIT expertise, enabling i3Works to provide advisory consulting services on demand to Hornbill customers and bring new opportunities to the partnership.

“Our partnership aligns our excellent track record and skills in service management delivery with Hornbill’s ESM technology. Our combined focus on enterprise customers across the local government, NHS, defence, and FTSE businesses means our partnership makes sense on so many levels,” says Seb Huckson, i3D Director at i3Works. “At the heart of it is our shared passion for making business transformation happen faster. Our specialist ITSM consultants are highly skilled at identifying and delivering transformation opportunities and, with this latest partnership, we can now help unlock greater value for Hornbill’s customers.”

About Hornbill

Hornbill automates the transaction and delivery of services to employees and customers—in one cloud solution. The Hornbill automation engine is the most advanced codeless workflow tool in the market, but simple enough for anybody in your organization to automate service delivery work in just a few minutes. Easy to implement and use, Hornbill lets you start automating on day one—driving an immediate shift in focus from daily operations to growth and innovation. Unburdened by routine work, your people are free to focus on the projects and innovations that matter to your customers. For more information about Hornbill, visit http://www.hornbill.com.

About i3Works

Founded in 2014, i3Works is an established management consultancy specialising in Digital Transformation, Design and Service Management, with an enviable reputation within the defence, rail, and public sector environments. They pride themselves in utilising best in class experts to deliver value by addressing complex organisational challenges. For more information about i3Works, visit http://www.i3works.co.uk.

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