Lights, Camera, Innovation: London’s Dynamic Video Startups

July 10, 2023


London’s bustling startup scene is home to a vibrant community of video companies that are revolutionizing the way we consume and create visual content. From AI-powered video avatars to blockchain-based platforms, these innovative startups are pushing boundaries and transforming the video industry. In this article, we highlight 15 remarkable video companies in London, showcasing their unique offerings and the impact they’re making in the world of visual media. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of London’s video startups that are shaping the future of visual content.

iSIZE Technologies – Enhancing Video Preprocessing with AI iSIZE Technologies delivers deep neural networks for data-driven video preprocessing, optimizing video delivery and enhancing user experience. Visit iSIZE Technologies

Synthesia – AI-Powered Video Avatars for Multilingual Content Creation Synthesia’s AI video avatar platform creates professional videos from text in multiple languages, enabling seamless content creation. Explore Synthesia

TaTaTu Enterprises – Blockchain-Powered Video Startup TaTaTu Enterprises harnesses the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the video industry, offering new opportunities for creators and consumers. Discover TaTaTu Enterprises

Pimloc – Intelligent Deep Learning Platform for Image and Video Content Pimloc’s deep learning platform enables organizations to automatically ingest, detect, classify, and protect diverse image and video content. Learn about Pimloc

LICKD – Pre-Cleared Music Licensing for Video Creators LICKD provides pre-cleared commercial music licensing for YouTube and online video creators, simplifying the process of using licensed music. Visit LICKD

Pensight – Connecting Experts and Audiences through Paid Video Consultations Pensight’s platform connects experts with audiences for paid live video consultations, fostering knowledge sharing and professional growth. Explore Pensight

Plumm – Online Therapy Sessions and Courses for Mental Health Support Plumm offers 1:1 online therapy sessions and courses with certified mental health therapists, making mental health support accessible globally. Discover Plumm

Wurkr – Immersive Virtual Workspace for Remote Collaboration Wurkr’s video platform enables teams to collaborate from anywhere within an immersive virtual workspace, enhancing remote collaboration. Visit Wurkr

Laminar Global – Enterprise-Grade Copy-Protected Video Streaming Solution Laminar Global provides an enterprise-grade video streaming solution for companies looking to stream copy-protected content to millions of users. Learn about Laminar Global

VRJAM – Real-Time Platform for Virtual Events and Immersive Content VRJAM offers a real-time platform for virtual events and immersive content creation, bringing unique experiences to audiences worldwide. Explore VRJAM

NextUp – The Home of Stand-Up Comedy NextUp is the go-to platform for stand-up comedy, showcasing live performances and bringing laughter to audiences worldwide. Visit NextUp

Cosmos Video – Meetings Tool Designed for Remote Teams Cosmos Video is a video meetings tool designed specifically for remote teams, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication. Discover Cosmos Video

Subly – Simplifying Content Creation with Automated Transcription and Subtitles Subly makes content creation simple by automatically transcribing, translating, and adding subtitles to videos, enhancing accessibility and engagement. Learn about Subly

Thrillz – Personalized Celebrity Video Messages and Live Experiences Thrillz offers personalized celebrity video messages and live experiences, connecting fans with their favorite stars in a unique and memorable way. Explore Thrillz

Twirl – Connecting Brands with Vetted Creators for Branded Video Content Twirl is a software-driven content studio that connects brands with vetted creators, facilitating the creation of impactful branded video content. Visit Twirl


London’s video startups are driving innovation and reshaping the visual content landscape with their groundbreaking technologies and services. From AI-powered video creation to immersive virtual workspaces, these companies are at the forefront of video industry disruption. As London solidifies its position as a global hub for video innovation, these remarkable startups continue to push boundaries, transforming the way we consume and create visual content. The future is bright for London’s video ecosystem, and these startups are leading the way towards a new era of visual storytelling and engagement.

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