Mathew B: Valkence’s shipping speeds are amongst the fastest around and get to customers way ahead of expected times typically

December 2, 2023
Mathew B Valkence fupping Interview

Follow Mathew B. in LinkedIn and Twitter ( provides a wide range of athletic apparel for fitness enthusiasts. With a focus on comfort, style, and functionality, Valkence offers an extensive collection of longline sports bras, leggings, shorts, joggers, hoodies, and more, all designed to empower individuals to embrace an active lifestyle. They also have an special focus in optimizing shipping speeds, here’s how

What is the shipping policy for worldwide orders?

We ship worldwide. Orders over $125 in the US get free shipping, orders over $150 in the rest of the world get free shipping.

On orders less than those amounts, customers pay the price of shipping and can choose between a standard or express postal service. Customers may be responsible for any customs or similar fees that could apply.

Our shipping speeds are amongst the fastest around and get to customers way ahead of expected times typically.

Are there any discounts or codes available for domestic (US) orders?

Orders over $125 get free shipping. Code VALKENCE will provide a 10% discount.

What are the new arrivals for the menswear collection?

We’ve just released an all-new camo line featuring new colorways. This camo-design is available on hoodies and sweatpants, with the options and additional ones also available for women. 

Can you provide details on the different types of bottoms available for men?

Shorts, sweatpants, and joggers – Sweatpants and joggers may seem the same, but are actually different. Sweatpants are more leisurely and warm whilst joggers are more fitted and for wearing out. 

Are there any special collections or collaborations currently available?

We have a huge range of collections available: Camo and Training Club are our latest.

We also have Active, Signature, Vision Capsule (The first-ever take on AI and QR technology in apparel), SS’23, International Movement, Heatseeker, Creator Colorways, Manga Capsule (For the anime fans), Origins, and Varsity.

Can you explain the benefits of joining the Valkence family?

The Valkence Family is a collective of talents that become one through Valkence and make and push each other together.

Benefits include promotion from Valkence and the other family members, brand support and advice, merchandising options and solutions, brand deal activations and opportunities, management, amongst other things.

What perks are offered to Valkence members in different tiers?

The Valkence+ Crew can access members-only Discord channels, feed, and games, early announcements, exclusive content, apparel, and events, members-only apparel discounts, free giveaways, and much more.

Other tiers offer select parts of the Valkence+ Crews tier, which is the all encompassing tier.

Are there any exclusive events or giveaways for Valkence

We’re currently running an up to 40% off everything apparel sale event for the holidays which ends December 1st – We will be running another sale near Christmas time.

We also are running mini events in Minecraft currently for Valkence+ members. We run various events all the time and constantly do new ones. 

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