Morgan Motor Company Adopts IFS Cloud ERP for Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience

July 9, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • British sports car manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company, has integrated the IFS Cloud ERP software solution to boost operational efficiencies and customer experience.
  • The company anticipates that IFS Cloud will allow them to streamline processes, reduce costs, and access the latest functionality with regular updates.
  • As a participant in the IFS Pioneer Program, Morgan is the first UK customer to use the latest version of IFS Cloud.

Morgan Motors Leverages IFS Cloud for Operational Excellence

Morgan Motor Company, the renowned British sports car manufacturer, has announced the integration of IFS Cloud ERP software solution, aiming to enhance its operational efficiencies and customer experience. The company sought a solution that would facilitate the coordination of its manufacturing, supply chain, and spare parts requirements while streamlining its internal processes end-to-end. This integration is especially crucial as Morgan continues to launch new models, including the recent Morgan Super 3, and wishes to offer optimum purchasing and after-sales services to its customers.

By implementing IFS Cloud, Morgan expects to drive operational efficiencies across its business processes, strengthening decision-making and tailoring its vehicle and service offerings to meet customer needs accurately.

As a long-standing IFS customer, Morgan was selected for the IFS Pioneer Program, which offers enhanced technical support and consulting to chosen customers, helping them integrate new versions of IFS Cloud ahead of their general release. Following a seamless weekend go-live, Morgan had 160 users operating on the solution, which supports sales, manufacturing, projects, purchasing, inventory, and finance processes. The IFS R&D, global consulting, and unified support teams are actively engaging with these users and will continue providing necessary support.

Daniel Godwin, Business Systems Development and Support (IFS), Morgan Motor Company, expressed his confidence in IFS, stating, “We have been using and working with IFS for nearly ten years, and in that time, we have gained complete trust in them and their product.” He further emphasized that IFS Cloud will enable them to streamline processes, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce costs by eliminating onsite hosting expenses.

IFS Cloud and Morgan’s Future Focus

Morgan’s future focus entails ensuring that IFS Cloud complements and enhances its emphasis on environmental efficiency. By achieving greater visibility over its operations, IFS Cloud will help Morgan deliver sustainability initiatives and manage and measure its ESG performance more effectively.

Christian Pedersen, Chief Product Officer at IFS, highlighted the trust-based partnership with Morgan, stating, “Morgan is a compelling blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and innovation. We have built a great trust-based partnership with them and look forward to what the future relationship will bring.”

About Morgan Motor Company and IFS

Morgan Motor Company, established in 1909, is one of the longest-standing automotive manufacturers in the world, with dealerships in over 30 countries. The company blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and innovation to design iconic vehicles.

IFS is a global enterprise software company that develops and delivers cloud software for companies involved in manufacturing and distribution of goods, asset management, and service-focused operations. IFS is recognized as a leader and the most recommended supplier in its sector.

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