Newco Partners with Amagi and AD Digital to Launch Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV Channels

August 19, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Newco, a part of the communication group Bandeirantes, collaborates with Amagi and AD Digital to introduce Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels.
  • The partnership aims to launch Newco’s channels, “New Brasil” and “Empreender,” on Samsung TV Plus’ TVP Brazil platform, catering to viewers in the United States and Latin America.
  • Amagi’s cloud-based SaaS technology and dynamic ad insertion services play a crucial role in Newco’s transition to the FAST market.
  • AD Digital facilitates Newco’s technology transition and channel launch, providing support and expertise in the implementation process.

Exploring New Horizons: Newco’s Entry into the FAST Market:

Newco, a prominent player in the Brazilian media market and a part of the communication group Bandeirantes, is taking an innovative step by venturing into the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) market. To facilitate this exciting transition, Newco has joined forces with industry leaders Amagi and AD Digital. This strategic collaboration aims to introduce Newco’s high-quality programming to viewers across the United States and Latin America, marking a significant move towards embracing the evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

A Dynamic Partnership: Amagi and AD Digital:

Amagi, recognized as a global leader in cloud-based SaaS technology for broadcast and connected TV, is a key player in Newco’s FAST journey. The collaboration between Amagi and Newco brings to the forefront the importance of cloud-based playout solutions in delivering seamless and high-quality content to viewers. Amagi’s innovative cloud-playout solution, Amagi CLOUDPORT, forms the technological foundation for Newco’s transition to FAST, enabling the distribution of Newco’s channels on multiple platforms.

Moreover, Amagi THUNDERSTORM’s dynamic ad insertion services provide Newco with valuable tools to enhance their revenue opportunities. The strategic integration of ad insertion technology ensures that Newco can effectively monetize its content while delivering a seamless viewing experience to its audience.

AD Digital: A Strategic Enabler of FAST Implementation:

AD Digital, serving as Newco’s strategic and technical partner in Brazil, plays a pivotal role in facilitating Newco’s technology transition to FAST. With over 28 years of experience in media ecosystems, AD Digital brings a wealth of expertise to the table. The company participated in the planning and implementation of Newco’s channel launch, ensuring a smooth and successful introduction to the FAST market. AD Digital’s support extends beyond the launch phase, demonstrating their commitment to fostering the growth and success of Newco’s channels.

Daniela Souza, AD Digital’s Senior Vice President, shares her enthusiasm for the partnership: “We’re excited to be a part of the next chapter in Newco’s journey. The new channel brings fresh and interesting content ideas, and at AD Digital, we’re eager to help them with this mission. We’ll guide them into new ways of sharing their content, like using FAST channels.”

Newco’s Vision for the FAST Market:

Newco’s entry into the FAST market reflects a strategic response to the evolving preferences of viewers and the dynamic landscape of media consumption. Paulo Saad, Vice President of Newco and Grupo Bandeirantes, highlights the significance of this move, stating, “New Brasil’s entrance into FAST is the company’s first step to embracing this new horizon that grows every day worldwide. While our core mission remains the same, we believe in staying tuned to new opportunities in the dynamic world of media and entertainment.”

Amagi’s Commitment to Enriching Viewing Experiences:

Srinivasan KA, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer of Amagi, emphasizes Amagi’s commitment to empowering Newco’s expansion into the FAST market. He emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge services that support Newco’s growth and revenue maximization, ultimately contributing to the success of Newco’s premium content in the region.

A Bright Future for Newco in the FAST Landscape:

Newco’s partnership with Amagi and AD Digital marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the company’s journey. As Newco’s “New Brasil” and “Empreender” channels are introduced to the FAST market, viewers can anticipate a diverse range of programming across genres such as Sports, News, and Entertainment. The collaboration underscores the transformative power of cloud-based technology and dynamic ad insertion in shaping the future of media consumption.

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