Preqin Introduces Asset-Level Benchmarks to the Alternatives Market

December 9, 2022

Preqin, the global leader empowering the alternatives community with essential data and insights, announced the launch of its new anonymized and aggregated Asset-Level Benchmarks as part of the latest update to its market-leading benchmark offering. Preqin benchmarks allow alternative assets professionals to now compare their investments, as well as those of other market players, through an all-in-one solution from the asset-level to private capital and hedge fund benchmarks, across funds, companies, fund managers, and investors.

Market conditions are challenging for investors looking to add value

Accessing precise and representative datasets in the alternative market has been challenging due to the opaque nature of the market. But gaining enhanced insights from asset-level data is crucial for private market professionals to make better investment decisions – in particular given the current difficult macro conditions across the globe. Against this backdrop, investors will need better data to enhance their due diligence and compare a fund manager’s deals across different periods and market environments. Barriers to obtaining the right data, coupled with time-consuming research and due diligence processes, can result in an inferior investment process.

New product offers the market’s most granular and accurate Asset-Level Benchmarks

Christoph Knaack, CEO, at Preqin says, “Asset-level data is tough to obtain but is critical to better understanding performance and making an informed investment decision. With Preqin’s new anonymized and aggregated Asset-Level Benchmarks, we are reinforcing our position as the leader of private capital benchmarks. Our clients now have access to the most comprehensive fund- and asset-level data in the alternatives industry, delivering unrivalled analysis at all stages of the investment cycle.”

This is where Preqin’s Asset-Level Benchmarks come in to help bridge this gap. Preqin’s anonymized and aggregated Asset-Level Benchmarks encompass Deal Performance, which allow investment professionals to dig deeper into fund performance, and Valuation Multiple Benchmarks, which support investors seeking to identify comparable assets and determine their market value more accurately.

Covering more than 55% of all-time buyout deals in North America and Europe with 4,500 private market funds and 45,000 private market deals, and spanning core asset classes such as private equity, private debt and venture capital, it is now possible to access the market’s most accurate and granular performance and valuation benchmarks.

Investors can also now access information on core metrics, including deal level returns, entry and exit valuation multiples, net leverage, fund loss ratios, and operating metrics.

With the help of Preqin’s latest benchmarks, GPs are better equipped to peer review and to highlight the strengths of their investment strategy, LPs are granted greater due diligence and performance analysis, and service providers enhance their advisory capacities by adding another data set upon which to conduct analyses and provide recommendations.

For almost twenty years, Preqin has empowered the finance community to make better decisions by providing critical industry data and intelligence. Preqin currently has more than 1,500 team members across 16 offices globally and is going through a continued growth phase. With the 2021 acquisition of Colmore, Preqin is serving its customers through the entire private market investment lifecycle – from fundraising and investor relations to deal origination, due diligence, and portfolio monitoring.

The launch of Asset-Level Benchmarks demonstrates the first of several new data set products and enhancements made possible through the integration of Colmore, available through Preqin Pro, the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets, and analytics tools.

Colmore, a company Preqin acquired in 2021, is a market-leading, technology-driven private markets investor services business focused on the Limited Partner and Allocator market. Colmore clients agree that their client data can be utilized on an aggregated and anonymized basis to provide benchmarking services.

About Preqin

Preqin, the Home of Alternatives™, empowers financial professionals who invest in or allocate to alternatives with essential data and insight to make confident decisions. It supports them throughout the entire investment lifecycle with critical information and leading analytics solutions. The company has pioneered rigorous methods of collecting private data for almost 20 years, enabling more than 200,000 professionals globally to streamline how they raise capital, source deals and investments, understand performance, and stay informed. For more information visit

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