Resitu Medical AB’s Stefan Sowa Wins Two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards

June 19, 2023

Business Worldwide Magazine has twice honoured the CEO of Resitu Medical AB. Stefan Sowa received two accolades at the 2023 CEO Awards: “Healthcare CEO of the Year – Sweden” and “Most Innovative CEO in the Medical Device Industry – Europe.”

The CEO Awards seek to identify and honour the most inspirational business leaders around the world, from a broad range of sectors. Unlike many other corporate awards programs, the emphasis is not on the overall success of organisations, but on the unique individuals who lead them. The intention is to give outstanding business leaders the recognition they deserve, while inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, accounting for approximately a third of all cancers in women.  Resitu’s cutting edge medical device will enable diagnosis and treatment of patient in one step,  eliminating the need for open surgery, improving the patient’s experience and reducing healthcare costs.

Stefan Sowa has devoted his career to the life science industry. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Resitu was established in 2019 with the aim of developing revolutionary equipment for the healthcare industry. Less than four years later, the company has strong ties with breast cancer surgeons at Uppsala University Hospital and radiologists at Karolinska Hospital Stockholm. It is now progressing a technique with the potential to create a real paradigm shift in breast cancer management.

Resitu’s instruments are designed to extract lesions without the need for open surgery. Using a process known as diathermy, its minimally invasive technology aims to speed up tumour management and expedite the ways in which radiologists and surgeons work. The technique is quick and easy to use, it can remove large intact tissue samples, and avoids the need for open surgery. This has obvious benefits for patients, and potential to significantly reduce the costs associated with invasive cancer treatments. The timescales for accurate diagnosis also have the potential to be reduced, leading to faster treatment and an improved patient experience overall.

Not only will the device itself extract larger tissue specimens than other instruments currently on the market, it will also have the ability to preserve their structure during removal. Multiple analysis, tumour typing and sequencing can be performed faster and more efficiently, and the use of diathermy reduces the risk of tissue damage and bleeding through immediate coagulation. Removing the lesion at first visit will save time, but also prevent further lesion growth.

Further information on how Resitu’s new ultrasound guided device is set to disrupt traditional methods of tumour management can be found on the company website –

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