Reuters Events whitepaper: Insurtechs & Vendors – Collaborating and Investing for Success

Insurance carriers must provide greater personalization to keep up with changes in customer expectations. A failure to innovate risks carriers failing to clear their upcoming obstacles and falling short of long-term strategic goals. Now is the time for carrier to hone their relationships with tech providers, to match these changes in customer behaviors,’ and ensure they remain competitive in a 21st century marketplace.

That is why Reuters Events have interviewed senior insurance executives, as well as key industry vendors, on the best practices to develop successful partnerships.

Featuring exclusive answers to your Insurtech questions including how to:

  • Priorities strategic alignment – Ensure a shared vision of the industry’s direction between partners and set a clear roadmap for the solutions development.
  • Determine early business goals – Stem technology investment from pre-established business goals with a clear delivery process.
  • Overcome a crowded marketplace – Embrace young solution providers with limited historical performance records.

Here are some key themes to look for:

  • 26% of vendors identify aligned business goals as the number one factor in determining the success of technology investment.
  • Incorporate tech investment as part of a wider strategy rather than thinking about technology in siloes.
  • Focus on business-led rather than IT led investment decisions from an established overarching digital strategy.

Pioneer your organizations relationships with future solution providers; lead the digital revolution.

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