Revolutionizing Fitness: Valkyrie Industries Attracts Major Investment from ASICS Ventures

July 7, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Valkyrie Industries, a tech startup specializing in virtual reality fitness, secures a substantial investment from ASICS Ventures Corporation.
  • The funding will expedite the growth of Valkyrie Industries and accelerate the market launch of their product “EIR Armbands”.
  • A collaboration agreement with ASICS Corporation has been reached to create unique, interactive fitness experiences on the EIR Training platform.
  • The partnership signifies a fusion of innovative haptic technology and fitness expertise, promising an immersive and effective fitness experience for users.

About Valkyrie Industries

Founded in Ingatestone, Essex, United Kingdom, Valkyrie Industries is a pioneer in virtual reality fitness experiences, developing state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms. The company’s vision is to revolutionize virtual and augmented reality experiences, allowing users to interact with and feel digital environments using innovative haptic wearables.

A Breakthrough in Virtual Fitness

Valkyrie Industries is pushing the boundaries of fitness and technology with its patented Haptics EMS technology. The EIR Armbands, a result of this groundbreaking technology, provide specialized stimuli to each muscle, creating a unique and immersive fitness experience. When combined with virtual reality and electrical muscle stimulation, the armbands emulate realistic movement on the user’s biceps and triceps.

Valkyrie Industries has also developed EIR Training, a virtual fitness training platform that enables users to engage with various trainers and experience muscle-based exercises. The program caters to individual needs and includes structured courses such as Cable HIIT and Dumbbell HIIT, utilizing virtual equipment like cable machines and dumbbells.

Fusion of Expertise: A Promising Collaboration with ASICS

This year, the collaboration between Valkyrie Industries and ASICS Corporation brings a new dimension to the fitness landscape. The partnership will see coaches on the EIR Training platform donning ASICS sportswear, alongside plans to develop an ASICS exclusive fitness class. “Collaborating with a renowned sports company like ASICS not only validates our technology but also opens new doors to expand our user base and enhance our product offerings,” says Kourosh Atefipour, Co-founder & CEO at Valkyrie Industries.

ASICS Ventures: Fostering a Sound Mind, Sound Body

ASICS Ventures Corporation, headquartered in Japan, invests in startup companies with a strong focus on innovation. It is part of ASICS’ Vision 2030, aiming to promote a philosophy of a sound mind in a sound body through a variety of perspectives. Akihiro Mori, President of ASICS Ventures, believes that the technology provided by Valkyrie Industries aligns perfectly with their vision, stating, ”We believe that Valkyrie Industries’ technology, which provides accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable sports experiences for everyone, anytime, anywhere, has huge potential.”

The Future of Fitness is Here

Valkyrie Industries, powered by this strategic investment from ASICS Ventures Corporation, is set to revolutionize the fitness world. Through the use of innovative technology, they are creating an inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable fitness experience. The seamless fusion of haptic wearable technology and the expertise of ASICS in sports apparel and fitness training sets the stage for a truly immersive and effective fitness journey.

With the funds secured, Valkyrie Industries is primed for rapid growth, continuing its mission to enhance the digital workout experience for fitness enthusiasts around the globe. The partnership with ASICS Corporation is a testament to the potential and impact of this technology in the fitness industry.

As the fitness industry evolves, companies like Valkyrie Industries are leading the way. Through a blend of technology, expertise, and innovation, they are creating a fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary, taking us to a new reality where the physical and digital worlds converge seamlessly. This major investment from ASICS Ventures Corporation is not just a validation of Valkyrie Industries’ technology but a promise of a groundbreaking fitness future that we can all look forward to.

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