Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency: FalconX and CF Benchmarks Revolutionize Crypto Derivatives

July 22, 2023
FalconX (PRNewsfoto/FalconX)

Key Takeaways

  1. FalconX, a leading digital assets prime brokerage, collaborates with CF Benchmarks, a regulated cryptocurrency index provider, to release the first-ever crypto derivatives from a CFTC-regulated swaps dealer.
  2. The derivatives contracts offer regulated access to the crypto market and are settled against indices administered by CF Benchmarks.
  3. The contracts introduce exposure to Bitcoin, Ether, and other leading cryptocurrencies, fostering further institutional finance activity in the crypto asset class.
  4. This partnership promotes transparency and reliability, meeting growing institutional investor demand for secure and regulated cryptocurrency investment products.

A Peek into the Crypto Revolutionaries: FalconX and CF Benchmarks

FalconX: A Prime Brokerage Powerhouse

A leading figure in the digital assets brokerage space, FalconX caters to the world’s leading institutions. With its comprehensive prime brokerage platform, FalconX 360, the company facilitates unparalleled access to deep global digital asset liquidity. FalconX ensures that investors can navigate dynamic markets efficiently, backed by a 24/7 dedicated team for account, operational, and trading needs. With this latest collaboration with CF Benchmarks, FalconX takes another significant step in cementing its commitment to offering the best in class regulated derivatives in the crypto industry.

CF Benchmarks: The Benchmarking Maestros

CF Benchmarks stands as a leading provider of cryptocurrency benchmark indices. This UK Benchmarks Regulation registered Benchmark Administrator has made a mark with its transparent governance and public methodologies. With indices composed of market data from six constituent exchanges, CF Benchmarks has significantly shaped the regulated crypto derivatives market since its inception.

The Dawn of Institutional-Grade Derivatives

FalconX and CF Benchmarks, recognizing the rapidly growing demand for secure and transparent investment products, are introducing regulated derivatives to the crypto industry. The partnership will release crypto derivatives settled against indices administered by CF Benchmarks, creating a regulated route to the crypto asset class.

“Derivatives benchmarked against resilient and regulated indices are the primary route institutions take to gain exposure to the crypto asset class,” said Sui Chung, CEO of CF Benchmarks. The new derivatives will offer exposure to bitcoin, ether, and other leading cryptocurrencies, ultimately encouraging further activity in the institutional finance sector.

The Ripple Effect on the Crypto Industry

The partnership between FalconX and CF Benchmarks is expected to foster increased adoption and growth within the digital assets sector. By offering a suite of benchmarked derivatives contracts, the collaboration addresses the swelling demand for investment products in the rapidly expanding digital asset space.

Baris Cetinok, Chief Product Officer of FalconX, emphasized the importance of this initiative, saying, “Regulated derivatives are critical instruments for institutional investors to safely access digital assets.”

With institutional investors gaining confidence through regulated and reliable infrastructure, the integration of these benchmark indices into FalconX’s offerings will facilitate effective risk management and uncovering opportunities in the burgeoning digital finance world.

Envisioning the Future

By fostering trust among institutional investors and enhancing overall market stability, the FalconX and CF Benchmarks partnership set the stage for future innovation in the crypto derivatives landscape. As digital assets continue to be embraced by more institutions, this alliance will play an instrumental role in shaping the industry’s trajectory, potentially spurring further advancements in technology, regulation, and product offerings.

The collaboration between FalconX and CF Benchmarks signifies a crucial milestone in the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem. By providing clients with the necessary tools and resources to navigate the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape, this alliance sets a new standard for transparency, reliability, and innovation in the institutional finance world.

With the future of cryptocurrency looking more promising than ever, FalconX and CF Benchmarks are leading the charge in defining the next era of digital assets.

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